Davis Daumler

Davis Daumler

PhD Student in Sociology

University of Michigan

Hi, I’m Davis! I am a sociologist who studies wealth and social mobility. I am completing my PhD at the University of Michigan, where I am an affiliate with the Institute for Social Research and the Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics.

My research advances our understanding of how social inequalities are impacted by changing family dynamics—unfolding across multiple generations of American families.

I am currently working on two broader projects. The first investigates how the timing of childhood poverty contributes to intergenerational inequalities. And the second explores the process by which families accumulate wealth and the larger shift in society’s reliance on household finances as a de facto safety net.

Outside of work, I love laughing and walking. I enjoy consuming pop culture and spicy food. And I’m a big fan of opening 40 tabs of New Yorker articles, reading one, avoiding the rest for days, and closing them all in defeat.